Cube-Tec to Debut QUADRAGIA•Film at IBC 2017

QUADRIGA•Film is the latest incarnation of Cube-Tec’s solutions for quality-controlled and large-scale migration of content to digital archives. Equipped with pioneering features, the new moving image migration solution was developed in cooperation with MWA Nova and 5micron.

There are three separate highly specialized Cube-Tec QUADRIGA solutions; audio, video and film. QUADRIGA•Audio is recognized as a leading technology in the world for quality controlled large-scale migration from physical audio carriers, QUADRIGA•Video has inherited the same properties. 

At IBC, visitors can view the latest iteration, QUADRIGA•Film. The archive migration solution includes new sensor technology and tension-controlled film movement, which avoids a capstan drive and sprocket wheels to minimize stress for fragile archive film. The software measures and classifies photochemical and mechanical attributes. It can distinguish between superimposed and surface damage by using a newly developed, patent pending, double-sided surface diagnostic sensor as well as a picture analytic technique. 

The surface diagnostic sensor uses dark field measurements, supporting extremely fine resolution measured in sub-microns. QUADRIGA•Film automatically documents any perforation damage and the condition and types of film splices as well as film shrinkage. QUADRIGA•Film represents the highest quality, automated solution for moving film into digital archives. 

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