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multiCAM Systems Adds Higher Density Interface for SDI PTZ Cameras

The multiCAM interface raises the SDI PTZ camera count from five to nine for Visual Radio and ProAV-centric production systems, with seamless switching to support IP-enabled cameras.

In June 2017, multiCAM Systems unveiled a new interface attachable to its production systems that allows users to choose, or switch between, IP and SDI camera connectivity. As with all previous product releases, customers using the company’s MULTICAM RADIO (for Visual Radio) or MULTICAM CONF, E-LEARNING or TRACKING systems (for lectures, presentations or live events) were limited to five SDI cameras.

The new interface, to be demonstrated at the company’s IBC2017 stand raises the SDI camera count to nine. This high-density platform ensures that broadcast and professional AV customers that have not yet transitioned to IP workflows and networks are not limited in production scope – especially when it comes to multi-room productions or larger live events, including concerts and sports productions.

The additional inputs are cascaded to ensure no additional footprint, which simplifies transport of the system between meeting rooms, classroomsand/or broadcast studios, for example. Furthermore, multiCAM Systems’ design philosophy centralizes all manufacturing processes at the company’s headquarters in France, instead of putting the pressure on customers to add modules to support different cameras models and counts.

For those customers with lighter acquisition needs, multiCAM Systems will continue to offer its five-input SDI option. However, both the five- and nine-SDI input options will include the IP option on the same interface, which will allow customers to seamlessly transition to the benefits of moving to the network, including single-cable connectivity for acquisition, PTZ camera control, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support among other attributes.

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