Matrox to Showcase SDI to ST 2110 Solutions at IBC 2017

Matrox Video has announced their lineup of products for IBC 2017, all focused on meeting the evolving needs of broadcasters in an IP-enabled world.

Matrox will be displaying a lineup of video-aware broadcast IP cards, their live-streaming capable Monarch HDX & Monarch HD encoding appliances, and their award-winning Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance. They will also have their OEM product experts on hand to demonstrate and discuss the comprehensive line-up of Matrox DSX developer products.

The first products in the lineup are Broadcast IP Cards with SMPTE 2110 Support, Matrox X.mio3 IP & DSX LE4 IP. The Matrox DSX LE4 IP provides IP encapsulation of HD, 3G, and 4K video for all IP transport protocols, along with the added security of ST 2022-7 redundancy as well as non-bursty packet transmission/reception — all provided on-board the card with zero CPU usage. The powerful X.mio3 IP expands upon the LE4 IP’s feature set by providing onboard de-interlacing, as well as broadcast-quality scaling and compositing—freeing up CPU cycles for other on-system processing.

Next in the lineup are the professional streaming and recording appliances, Matrox Monarch HDX & Monarch HD. Both extremely affordable, the Matrox Monarch HDX and Monarch HD are fully enabled streaming and recording devices. Both are newly characterised with native integration for live streaming to Facebook and YouTube, enabling users to connect their devices to their social media accounts and have all subsequent streams connect automatically. 

Monarch HDX is a compact, easy-to-use, single input, dual-channel H.264 encoding appliance with two independent H.264 encoders allowing streaming to two distinct destinations. Monarch HD is a professional encoding appliance, capable of taking an HDMI input from a source such as a camera or switcher and generating an H.264-encoded stream suitable for live streaming. 

A unique product within the line, Matrox Monarch LCS is a lecture capture appliance with enhanced video platform interoperability. In a continuing effort to offer affordable lecture capture for every classroom, Matrox has integrated a strong suite of interoperability-focused features into the Monarch LCS lecture capture appliance. With on-system scheduling and store & forward functionality, the LCS has been optimized to seamlessly operate with popular third party VMSs, including Ensemble Video, Kaltura, Presentations2Go, StreamShark and TechSmith Relay.

Lastly, Matrox will be presenting its rance of DSX Developer Products at IBC 2017. These include the the DSX LE4 and X.mio3 product lines, the M264 Series of PCI Express cards and Matrox’s DSX Core.

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