Arvato Systems to Demo a SaaS Edition of EditMate at IBC 2017

Arvato Systems will demonstrate a software-as-a-service version of EditMate at IBC 2017.

Arvato Systems will be bringing a SaaS (Software as a Service) edition of VPMS EditMate to Amsterdam, as Ben Davenport, strategic product manager at Arvato System told The Broadcast Bridge in a pre-IBC interview direct from Cologne, Germany.

“EditMate is a production asset management (PAM), part of suite of video production management products intended to give you an enterprise-wide MAM (Media Asset Management) system,” he began. “EditMate is a production asset management system specifically designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and has been on the market for a couple of years as an on-site, on-premises product.”

Now, however, Arvato has turned EditMate into a cloud product, available like Premiere Pro on an as-needed subscription basis.

“We’ve developed our streaming service to provide a lower bit-rate proxy service from the cloud for your Premiere edit process,” Davenport said. “It can work with any Web connection down to 8 Mbs, which you can get at a decent coffee shop.”

The high resolution original material would still reside locally at your or the client’s local facility.

“We call it rip cord deployment,” Davenport said. “Just like with a parachute, you just pull the string and the system’s proxies balloon out into high resolution for you.”

Once the proxies are edited, they get expanded into hi resolution equivalents.

Once the proxies are edited, they get expanded into hi resolution equivalents.

If the client’s facility has the capability, the high rez material could also be stored in their own private cloud.

“We don’t want to isolate any customers that have this facility,” Davenport said. “What we are offering is ready access to that material from anywhere.”

EditMate itself is available with an adaptive streaming engine that gives you the full Adobe Premiere Pro CC experience and toolset but devoid of the need to copy large media files into your local edit system.

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