EVS To Show New Control App For Live IP Workflows At IBC

At the 2017 IBC Show, EVS will unveil a new broadcast control application for live IP workflows called S.CORE Master. The new system gives engineers better visibility of all end points within an IP-connected network and acts as its central orchestrator, guaranteeing the delivery of bandwidth-demanding media throughout the infrastructure.

The new EVS platform uses software-defined network (SDN) control methods to manage latency-sensitive live media and allows engineers to communicate with entire IP infrastructures at once. S.CORE Master also allows users to deliver live flows wherever needed within a network, including for the deployment of virtualized services. EVS said this removes operational roadblocks from new technology deployment and effectively creates a more efficient overall workflow.

Christophe Messa, Product Manager IP solutions at EVS, said the industry is undergoing big advancements in IP technology and applications that will all be on display at the 2017 IBC show in Amsterdam. He said the introduction of S.CORE Master is part of this and marks the next step in adoption of new technology infrastructures.”

“Content producers and broadcasters are looking to leading technology vendors like EVS to enable more effective ways of delivering live programming,” he said. “The flexibility that IP gives and the benefits it enables like virtualization, means operators can focus more on better content creation without having to think about managing infrastructures.”

Completely interoperable with third party systems, S.CORE Master will initially be made available to operators on a standard EVS backend app server. This enables the simplest integration into live IP workflows and enables users to control the system via a web browser-based application.

As well as managing live IP flows, S.CORE Master will also enable operators to monitor IP-enabled networks and service aspects of the facility to maintain the system’s guarantee of fast, efficient delivery of live content around the live production infrastructure.

“The role of a facilities provider or content producer requires very different resources to what it was just a few years ago as the adoption of new technology and new ways of working continues,” Messa said. “By enabling a more efficient way of producing content in an IT-centric way, we’re putting in place the building blocks for the live production infrastructure of tomorrow.”

S.CORE Master has already been deployed into the live production workflow for Cisco TV, the company’s professional television studio and production service throughout Cisco Live 2017. The system provided Cisco with the high level of control, policing and monitoring throughout the network that’s required for the highest-quality and most reliable live television.

IBC TV’s live production workflow will also benefit from S.CORE Master as it becomes an all-IP production for the 2017 edition of the show. The system will be installed in the workflow’s media data center situated on the EVS stand (8.B90). It will play a key role in the workflow, enabling engineers to orchestrate IP flows and guarantee the bandwidth for live routing across IBC TV’s network which is split across three locations – the conference halls, master control room and the data center.

S.CORE Master will be available for implementation into workflows for implementation into workflows from the end of 2017 and will be demonstrated on the EVS stand (8.B90) at IBC2017 alongside the IBCV TV deployment.

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