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Mo-Sys to Demonstrate StarTracker for VR/AR at IBC 2017

At IBC, Mo-Sys Engineering will show StarTracker, the first automatic, real-time optical camera tracking system for VR and AR applications.

Mo-Sys said it will show StarTracker, version 2.0, which provides enhanced smoothness, larger tilt capability, faster recovery, IP data output and a networked user interface.

Earlier versions of StarTracker are at major networks, including BBC, FOX, Telemundo, NHK, Sky Sports, ZDF in Germany, Turner in the U.S. and ESPN. The systems are in use in over 40 countries.

The majority of virtual studios and augmented reality providers at IBC will employ StarTracker as the camera tracking system in their booths. StarTracker sensor point to retro-reflective star stickers are affixed randomly to the studio ceiling.

StarTracker’s worldwide acceptance is a result of its simplification of camera tracking and its low cost. As opposed to competitive systems developed for other applications that are triple the cost and employ several high-cost infrared cameras, StarTracker was purpose designed by Mo-Sys for virtual studio camera tracking.

It uses a single optical sensor on one navigation camera and retro-reflective stickers that are peeled from a roll and placed as a “constellation” on the studio ceiling. LED light reflected by the “stars” is detected by the navigation camera.

The navigation camera transmits the location data to the graphics engine, which produces the virtual environment. Initial set-up can be achieved in hours, after which no further calibration is required. It works equally well mounted on pedestals, cranes, jibs or for use with handheld cameras.

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