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Evertz Focus On SMPTE Standards-based Software Defined Networks

At IBC, Evertz’ SDVN solutions, including MAGNUM SDVN Orchestration and Control platform, feature support for SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 for registration, discovery, and connection management of network devices.

The company will introduce its range of 25GbE solutions including the new EXE-VSR16 Video Service Routing platform, a compact version of its range of EXE-VSR switch fabrics, and the 5700MSC-IP IP-based Grand Master Clock and Video Master Sync Generator. Evertz will also show the evEDGE Software Defined Compute and Routing platform which enables the deployment of discrete function microservices that can be customized to optimize every operational workflow.

inSITE, is the firm’s big data analytics engine. For IBC, inSITE features support for cloud based solutions, including AWS, “providing customers who are moving systems to the cloud the visibility they need to maintain high service levels,” explains Romolo Magarelli, CEO and president. “With our growing installed base of our Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solutions, we are at the forefront of the IP transition that is occurring in the industry. At this year’s IBC, our focus will be on the key IP-based technologies from live production to cloud-based playout. We will also demonstrate our commitment to emerging standards that include SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05. We continue to help our customers develop new highly-efficient operational workflows that leverage new advanced IP-based solutions that meet their business challenges.”

Mediator-X, Evertz’s software based platform that automates the components of a MAM, Playout and NLD system from a single intuitive web-based interface will be showcased with its software based playout application, OvertureRT LIVE, and Evertz’s transcode and conform solution, RenderX.

For applications from acquisition to production to playout, Evertz claims to be the only manufacturer that offers complete solutions in quad-link 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and IP, enabling UHD and HDR solutions in both new and existing facilities. At IBC Evertz will highlight the advanced SDR and HDR cross transformation capabilities of its 7814UDX family of up/down/cross converters. In addition, Evertz will be launching at IBC, the EQX-IPG module for its EQX range of routers to enable interoperability with emerging IP systems and the EQS-4GB module for interfacing with 12G SDI infrastructures. Evertz’ 3067VIP multi-image display processor, with its flexible architecture that supports 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, HDMI and IP interfaces will feature support for SMPTE ST 2110 in addition to RDD37 (ASPEN) and JPEG 2000 ensuring interoperability with all new IP systems.

Video Delivery Infrastructure- Evertz’ video delivery platforms deliver broadcast quality video from any source, through any network, to any device. For IBC 2017 Evertz will showcase the 570ITXE a universal on-ramp IP gateway which is capable of receiving/decoding, normalizing and performing multiple encoding of incoming streams. Evertz will also highlight its 3482TXE-HEVC software defined accelerated platform. Supporting UHD distribution, this High Dynamic Range (HDR) ready encoder provides superior video quality with low latency.

RF Solutions- This year at IBC, Evertz end-to-end RF Solutions for downlink and uplink applications will feature new and innovative DVB-S2x satellite receivers, IRDs and demodulators. This new series is the foundation for a professional platform for receiving, demodulating and decoding digital DVB-S/S2/S2X satellite signals. With a compact, modular form-factor this platform represents one of the highest density and most flexible solutions in the industry. In addition to satellite, this platform also supports digital terrestrial standards from all over the world.

In addition, being showcased at IBC will be Evertz’ new Static RF monitoring systems for DTH, teleports and other uplink providers. 7800 frame based platforms paired with centralized VistaLINK PRO network monitoring enables service providers to conveniently monitor and log RF signal quality for multiple transponders simultaneously across a large coverage area.

Transport and Remote Production- At IBC 2017 Evertz is launching the 3606FRS, a new media gateway for IP transport. The 3606FRS allows for simultaneous dark fiber and IP transport for multiple signal formats including video, audio, and serial data. The 3606FRS provides flexible routing between inputs and outputs with support of IP encapsulation and decapsulation to and from 10GbE and 25GbE (future) transport networks. This compact solution, based on the revolutionary 3606 Multi-Service Gateway, features a small lightweight form-factor with fanless operation. It is ideal for portable or low noise environments and is suitable for live sports and mobile applications. Evertz will also be showcasing the evRemote which enables remote production capabilities to a broader range of venues, rental spaces, and trucks/OB. The evRemote features multiservice signal interfaces (video, audio, data, intercom), integrated multiviewer, 120Gbps switching capability and up to 12 x JPEG2000 encode/decode channels which enables major cost savings by reducing footprint, setup time, staffing and travel costs and power consumption by leveraging lower cost Ethernet links within a single 2RU platform.

Evertz AV - The latest EvertzAV innovations will be featured at IBC including the MMA10G-TRS4K-2 standalone HDMI 4K/60 4:4:4 network based transceiver, which supports bi-directional transport of 4K content up to 4096x2160p @ 60fps 4:4:4 color sub-sampling. The MMA10G-TRS4K is the latest 4K product to join the MMA-10G network-based AV distribution family.

The TRS4K standalone gateway has two 4K/60 HDMI inputs and outputs, plus a compliment of analog audio and USB interfaces allowing it to transmit and receive two 4K images at the highest visual quality and lowest latency all over a single 10GbE network connection. The new TRS4K works seamlessly within Evertz’ MMA-10G network-based distribution platform offering backwards compatibility while at the same time providing the latest generation of HDMI interfaces to customers looking to upgrade to 4K today or in the future.

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