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​Dalet Releases Social Media Publishing Module

Dalet is releasing a Social Media Panel as part of its news asset management system Dalet Unified News Operations solution.

The Dalet Social Media Panel is described as giving editorial teams a synthetic view of all their posts, including simple analytics to understand popularity of their posts allowing journalists and news directors to better fine-tune and deliver content to targeted audiences, ultimately augmenting engagement.

The look and feel of the interface mimics the style of today’s social media platforms. To help manage volume and pace, the tool provides a central point for approving posts, as well as scheduling publish date and time. This keeps the social media news flow humming along smoothly. The analytical tools help both journalists and news directors view, at a glance, what stories are waning versus what topics are trending, aiding to make more informed decisions of what news stories and news angles need to be published next.

Other complementary modules of the Dalet social media framework include:

Journalists can create filters on the topics they follow, for example, #SolarEclipse2017; the system then automatically collects any new tweets that contain those hashtags or keywords and imports them as a wire. Any user interested can subscribe and get notified when a new tweet with that hashtag comes in, giving journalists the ability to feel the pulse of social media within their work space as news develops.

Within the OneCut multimedia editor, users can re-package television content to make it ready for social posts, including CG on the timeline with burn-in using Dalet Cube (graphics), integrated voiceover and open captions – an increasingly important feature on social with the demand for silent videos.

The system automatically publishes to YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitter, or queues it for later post synchronized with the on-air playout.

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