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Easy Media Suite to Show New IP Multiviewer Software

Easy Media Suite, a company based in Istanbul, Turkey that offers high-quality audio and video monitoring systems, will demonstrate its new Easy IP Multiviewer software at the 2017 IBC Show. With the ability to detect errors in IP packets in satellite capacity, in the uplink, or in the studio, the new Easy IP Multiviewer software, part of the company’s Easy Monitoring System, is available in 16- and 24-channel versions that look at HD IP transport streams and provide alarms and guidance accordingly.

The Easy IP Multiviewer software from Easy Media Suite offers a variety of ways to monitor the broadcast stream. Inputs include: DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-C; ASI; 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI (Embedded Audio); 4K/HD/SD HDMI (Embedded Audio); IP Girişler; MPTS-SPTS; Unicast-Multicast; and RTP-RTMP-UDP. Supported codecs include MPEG-2/4; H.264; and H.265 (HEVC).

The Easy Monitoring multiviewer package also provides multiple language support, sound indicators, customizable by language, multi-display output settings, recording options, reporting settings and alarm settings. There’s also a round robin feature, which allows the system to look at different parts of the transport stream in separate sequences, sometimes called “time-slice.” The Easy IP Multiviewer can then decode all visualized services. And the rest of the sources are waiting behind. This allows the user to see all of the sources in a simple server.

The satellite provider module allows users to monitor MPTS packets with DVB/S-S2 transponder inputs so that they can be included in the monitoring. Encoder outputs with ASI/IP inputs or IP and ASI resources can also be monitored. 

The Easy Monitoring System multiviewer also analyses HD/SD SDI and HDMI inputs with image and audio preview. The system can also detect and track: Source, PID losses, frost and sloughing in view, silence and high volume values. Error reporting, audible alarm at the time of error and informing the operations engineer via email can be done automatically and display modes on the output screen can be customized. With the round robin feature, you can stay on screen for as long as you want and provide a professional transition between resources. If requested, the resources selected as options can be recorded.

With the Easy IP Multiviewer, all sources are auto-controlled, making them useful to control sources automatically. It provides black and freeze check, audio lost and audio loudness check, Service and PID control. It also provides a useful output settings tool. Sources can be arranged the way the user likes to see their sources at output monitor. Either can be displayed as original aspect ratio, or scaled to screen. Audio bars can be set as multi audio track or single audio track.

Finally, the Easy IP Multiviewer offers easy to read email alerts from multiple transport streams. As well as the detection, visualization and signaling of freeze, black, silence, PID lost, service lost and input lost behavior. Detailed reports and errors can be mailed to related mails instantly for fast and easy system maintenance.

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