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ENCO Debuts New Innovations for MOM at IBC 2017

As broadcasters transition to more IP workflows and virtualized environments, ENCO Systems is introducing new software-defined tools to its TV automation systems that increase production value while reducing operational complexity. At the 2017 IBC Show, the company will introduce these new automated enhancements for both studio and remote production.

ENCO will demonstrate updates for its Media Operations Manager (MOM) system that extends its functionality beyond standard automation-related tasks and deeper into the TV production infrastructure. This includes an integrated graphics generator for live channel branding, support for Network Device Interface (NDI) connectivity, and the ability to produce a live show with live camera and NDI inputs. Its support for NDI-connected devices now allows users to easily share bidirectional SD, HD and 4K/UHD video over a single, ubiquitous, standard Gigabit network – amplifying MOM’s value in IP production.

“The transition to IP-based operations is rapidly expanding, and MOM’s ease of use and expansive feature set will both simplify and accelerate the move to IP network-based production workflows for broadcasters at any budget level,” said Ken Frommert, President of ENCO. ““This move toward IP-based virtualization will reduce costs and operational overhead for the broadcaster, and return rack space to facilities.”

MOM is designed to offer broadcasters, cable television operations and streaming media providers a cost-efficient yet comprehensive platform to organize and manage a wide array of broadcast production and integrated channel playout tasks.

Avoiding the complicated spreadsheet-like interface typical of other systems, MOM leverages an intuitive, graphical on-air user interface with a quick learning curve a single operator can handle all of the media production and playout tasks required by the end-to-end broadcast workflow. Tasks like scheduling, logging changes, manual playback and live insertion control can be executed with simple drag-and-drop functionality, while the full platform unifies ingest, media asset management, graphics, branding, multi-format transcoding, and 24/7 multi-channel playout.

At its IBC standENCO will demonstrate the value of virtualized automation for TV operations, with information on how broadcasters can implement ENCO automation systems running off a single ENCO virtualized server. The ENCO1 allows the company’s software solutions to run efficiently in a virtualized environment by leveraging existing IP audio and video technologies.

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