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AMC Networks International Migrates To Tedial Evolution

Looking to maximize efficiency, AMC Networks International (AMCNI) Iberia has re-organized its operations and improved its handling of media assets by installing Tedial’s latest workflow engine, the Tedial Evolution.

AMCI Iberia manages multiple sites in Madrid and Barcelona. Utilizing Tedial technology since 2009, the company pioneered a new strategy of organizing their operation with automatic workflows to leverage external and remote resources. The system has supported workflow flexibility and evolving business needs, including the introduction of 4K video, VOD versioning requirements, and extending the number of channels it distributes.

Now, with the upgrade to Tedial Evolution, AMCNI Iberia will benefit from new features inherent in the platform, such as the use of Tedial Mediaset metadata handling capabilities to supply and automate the management of additional subtitles and audio files. It also includes the Tedial Evolution BPM engine, which is designed specifically for media and is prepared to execute millions of workflows.

The upgrade to the Evolution MAM platform provides AMCNI Iberia with an opportunity to redefine its workflows and adopt new business models that support increased efficiency throughout its operation.

Tedial will demonstrate the Evolution MAM system at the 2017 IBC Show2017 in Amsterdam, from September 15 to 19.

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