​FOR-A has 4K Switcher Focus

FOR-A’s focus is on its range of video switchers at the show, which offer the ability to integrate with ClassX’s 2D/3D character generation and live motion graphics and playout software.

The latest in its mixer line, the HVS-490 HD/4K-UHD unit, will make its European debut. Targeted at mobile productions and live event venues, the HVS-490 supports up to 40 inputs/18 outputs, 36 inputs/20 outputs or 32 inputs/22 outputs, including two-channel HDMI outputs. In 4K-UHD, it allows 10 inputs/six outputs, nine inputs/six outputs or eight inputs/seven outputs. It also has 16 channels of 2.5 DVE as standard and can be optionally expanded to a maximum of 32 channels.

Other switchers that will be shown in FOR-A’s booth include the HVS-2000 and an updated version of the HVS-100, the HVS-100TB2, both of which will be showcased with integrated Thunderbolt technology that allows the units to interface with external devices. The switchers’ Thunderbolt 2 I/O expansion cards enable single-cable transfer of four channels of HD video to a computer. With its control panel, the HVS-2000 switcher now offers 3 M/E capabilities, a 4K 3D DVE expansion card, and a 2SI software option, which enables switching with less delay than SQD systems.

“Offering the capabilities of a 7 M/E system, the HVS-2000 is ideal for a wide array of production environments and is well suited for 4K productions,” says the firm.

FOR-A will also introduce a prototype of a new 3 M/E 12G-SDI compatible vision mixer at IBC, the HVS-6000. Further product details will be released later.

Another FOR-A product to makes it IBC debut is the FT-ONE-LS-12G, the latest high-speed full 4K camera in its FT-ONE series. Designed for sports, the unit supports full 4K shooting in maximum 500 frames per second (fps) or up to 1,200 fps high frame rate shooting in full HD resolution.

On the routing switcher front, FOR-A will showcase its MFR series of solutions, including the 12G-SDI compatible MFR-4000 and MFR-3000 3G/HD/SD/ASI unit. The MFR-4000 provides 12G-SDI compatibility across all 72 inputs and 72 outputs, bringing powerful support to 4K-UHD and 8K routing. The MFR-3000 offers up to 64 inputs/64 outputs in a 4U frame, and is an ideal solution in midsize systems where variable input/output capabilities and mixed signal formats are used.

FOR-A will also display Fujitsu’s line of video transmission solutions, including the newly introduced IP-HE950 real-time H.265/HEVC encoder/decoder units. Employing the latest compression tools and image processing algorithms to provide best-in-class video fidelity, the IP-HE950 supports real-time 4K contribution, as well as SD and HD. 

Other FOR-A products at the show include the FRC-9000 and MCC-4K frame rate converters, as well as the USF-10IP 10 GbE IP Converter - a dual 10 GbE video over IP module series that offers high-quality mutual conversion of any major standard IP video format, including ASPEN, NMI, SMPTE 2022-5/6, SMPTE 2110, TR-03/04 and most of the latest IP formats. The MCC-4K frame rate converter enables frame rate converting of 4K resolution and supports up/down conversion between 4K and HD.

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