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Vitec Group Will Showcase New Products From Its Brands at IBC 2017

Several Vitec Group companies will unveil new products at IBC, including new camera support products from Sachtler and Vinten and new LED lights from Litepanels.

Sachtler Ace XL.

Sachtler Ace XL.

Vitec said Sachtler will introduce the Ace XL Fluid Head at the show. Delivering an additional 4.4 pounds of maximum payload capacity compared to the original Ace L, this latest edition is suited for digital cine-style and DSLR cameras.

The professional drag, intuitive operation and illuminated spirit level make the Ace XL a versatile, professional, lightweight camera support for completely jerk-free camera movements and maximum stability.

Vitec’s Autoscript intelligent prompting is the broadcast industry’s first completely IP-enabled, end-to-end teleprompting solution. It will be introduced to the European market.

Autoscript intelligent prompter

Autoscript intelligent prompter

Intelligent prompting completely reinvents prompting workflows to allow devices to be located anywhere, delivering the ease of use and foolproof redundancy needed in modern broadcast operations. Since the prompting units require no counterbalance in most situations, they are up to 50 percent lighter than other prompting solutions that require counterbalance.

Combined with increased stability, this weight reduction eases payload issues for camera supports, reduces excess movement at the end of transitions and prevents oscillations at the end of robotic movements.

Autoscript will preview a new, ergonomically designed foot control feature for intelligent prompting, powered by Ethernet. Also featured will be Autoscript's new EVO-IP monitor, the first prompting monitor to include an Ethernet connection for receiving data from the software and controller for translation into video.

Vinten Vantage

Vinten Vantage

Vinten will show Vantage, a compact robotic camera head that offers flexibility and broadcast-quality movement and control at the same price point as a traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera head. The Vantage enables customers to choose the camera and lens that meet their requirements, supporting a range of pro-video camcorders from various manufacturers, as well as both full-servo and manual lens types.

Vinten μVRC

Vinten μVRC

As the first controller of its kind, the μVRC is the perfect companion to the Vantage, giving it even greater versatility and flexibility for enterprise video capture and allowing studios of all shapes and sizes to control high-end robotics and third-party PTZs. Paired with the Vantage, the μVRC is aimed at users looking for a complete robotic solution that suits their budget.

In partnership with Tecnopoint, the original equipment manufacturer of dolly systems, Hexagon Tracks is an advanced robotic camera dolly and track system that enables fast setup and easy assembly with no cables outside of the track — making it ideal for both high-end news studios and outside broadcast rental setups such as concerts and sporting events.

Litepanels Astra

Litepanels Astra

Vitec’s Litepanels will show its Astra 3X/6X and Sola 4+/6+ LED Lights. Building on the Astra 1 x 1 panel, the next-generation panels now feature a 50 percent increase in output with reduced power consumption for longer battery run time. This means the Astra 6X is six times brighter than the original 1 x 1 version, while the Astra 3X is three times brighter.

Both models are available in either daylight or tunable bicolor models, and — like all Astra panels — both feature high CRI and TLCI for color reproduction. The bicolor models allow for transitional color tuning from daylight to tungsten to accommodate any lighting situation.

Litepanels will also showcase its daylight-balanced Sola 4+ and Sola 6+ Fresnel lights. The Sola range of LEDs provides cool daylight illumination with the ability to control both focus and intensity via standard DMX 512 protocol and without the heat generation of a traditional Fresnel.

Anton/Bauer LPD Discharger

Anton/Bauer LPD Discharger

Anton/Bauer’s LPD Discharger is a dedicated system capable of discharging up to four 90 watt hour batteries in about three hours. The LPD helps rental houses and traveling production crews ensure compliance with IATA regulations regarding Li-ion batteries, which must be charged to less than 30 percent of their rated capacity when transported as air cargo.

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