BR Remote Adds to Camball Mini Camera Family

BR Remote will show a new set of mini cameras in the Camball3 family at IBC. These new models feature greater precision in the remote control, completely smooth movement, and links to a computer.

BR Remote manufactures Bradley remote controlled camera equipment. The new Camball3 cameras have 20x optical zoom and use a new Sony Exmor 2.4 Megapixel sensor which matches well with the output from larger cameras. They all provide full HD images at 50Hz and 60Hz frame rates.

BR Remote has added an LCD display to the side of the cameras, which gives the operator status information to aid setting up and fault diagnosis.

There are now three new cameras in the family – Camball3-S, Camball3-X and Camball3-XM, which all have different positioning and control features. Camball3-S is the standard camera with the latest sensor.

Camball3-X is for stage shows and concert tours. It is a 16-bit DMX controlled camera with infra-red mode for low light, and eight DMX channels for pan, tilt and zoom, plus focus and iris. Paint can be done as usual via the Bradley standard system. The camera can be integrated with the master show computer which is a common requirement from facilities companies.

Camball3-XM is built for automation in TV production. This camera offers extremely accurate motion control using BR M or Free D 24-bit control for pan, tilt, zoom and focus, iris and paint. This system can be controlled by computer and enables more exact matching to a computer generated background or CGI. This camera will interest smaller studios that want the same control and automation as the large broadcasters. The Camball3-XM also provides a continuous Free D metadata output for VR and AR.

Both the Camball3-X and the Camball3-XM can be used for auto-tracking to follow a particular artist and an inbuilt predictive move smoothing feature ensures a natural movement from A to B. With both models, the operator can also take over and control the camera by a joystick to correct a positon, and then allow the camera to revert to DMX control.

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