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Nagra Tunes In On Transformation At IBC 2017

Nagra, content security and user experience subsidiary of the Swiss Kudelski group, is focusing on transformation, service unification and meeting the challenge to pay TV operators from OTT service providers at IBC 2017.

The company is basing its priorities at the show on findings from the 2017 edition of its Pay TV Innovation Forum, the final report of which will be available just before IBC kicks off. This identified fragmentation as a major theme touching on both Nagra’s key areas of revenue security and user experience, as Ivan Verbesselt, its SVP Group Marketing, pointed out. “The user experience is not always as seamless as it looks, device and network fragmentation continues to be major hurdles, and broadband ubiquity – while opening up new opportunities - has also has fueled new forms of piracy,” said Verbesselt. “Transformation needs to take place and a new TV ecosystem needs to emerge to successfully compete in this new landscape. Innovation in pay TV has actually never been so critical to success – and is the driving theme behind our 2017 showcase.”

Nagra argues that its Open TV platform provides the basis for unifying this fragmentation by firstly bringing together the headend and backend behind that, offering the choice to restage both onto virtualized infrastructure, either on premise or in the cloud.

Nagra will also be showing its portfolio of direct-to-TV products for pay TV providers designed to expand reach and reduce subscriber acquisition costs. These include TVkey, Connect for TV, Wi-Fi CAM and CAST Dongle.

For revenue protection, Nagra’s mantra is about integration between the different components within a holistic approach. The aim is to combine revenue protection for any network and device with anti-piracy services and watermarking by NexGuard. This features products such as Nagra Connect, a hybrid CAS/DRM client for connected networks and devices, as well as the Nagra Security Services Platform, a cloud-based, modular, scalable CAS and Multi-DRM command center.

On the anti-piracy front, Nagra will demonstrate services to fight contemporary forms of content piracy, for example to counter the threat posed by the so called Kodi box, which is actually software.

Nagra, like its rivals, will also be talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and data driven analytics, which both offer great opportunities for revenue protection vendors. It will present its IoT Security Center of Excellence to support secure deployment of connected objects, applications, networks and systems. It will also show its Nagra Insight, pitched as a one-stop shop for pay TV analytics tapping diverse data sources.

Nagra will be sharing its stand at IBC with sister companies Conax, SmarDTV and NexGuard. 

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