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Jampro Adds New Channel to High Power UHF Mask Filter/Combiner

Jampro Antennas adds 7th DVB-T2 Channel to High Power UHF Mask Filter / Combiner servicing Singapore.

Jampro Antennas recently announced the addition of a 7th RWCE-AUM elliptical response constant impedance mask filter / combining module in Singapore. The mask filter/combiner feeds a top mounted Jampro JUHD high power broadband UHF panel array on a 260 meter Alan Dick Broadcast self-supporting tower.

The RWCE UHF waveguide constant impedance cross-coupled combiner provides the high isolation needed for adjacent channel combining applications. This system allows different high power UHF channels to combine and use one common antenna / feed system while still maintaining low insertion loss.

The RWCE filters are made with silver plated invar cavities and high power coaxial hybrids providing very lower insertion loss while high rejection and mask compliance for adjacent channel combining. The system now combines 7 DVB-T2 adjacent high-power DVB-T2 channels with exceptional mask compliance and low insertion loss as required by the network operator.

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