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Digital Nirvana Automatically Generates Sports Highlights

Digital Nirvana is launching software which automatically generates sports highlight reels – claimed as a first of its kind.

This functionality is enabled through Digital Nirvana’s Automated Sports Clipping service. The clips selected will represent a collection of highlights from a designated period or for the entire game. The service automatically analyzes sports broadcasts in real-time and generates ready-to-publish clips of those highlights. It can also generate images and GIFs for customers’ social media promotional activities. Claimed as a service is the first of its kind – the service offers automated clipping with metadata and caption synchronization simultaneously, as well as an option for manually cleaning up caption text for increased accuracy and meeting compliance requirements.

Another launch from Digital Nirvana will be the Avid Interplay Connector, which enables video content owners who work with Avid Media Central to transfer media data securely to the cloud for generation of logs/metadata/transcripts with timecodes and receive them directly within the user’s workflow.

Other highlights will include demonstrations of the company’s cloud-based Closed Captioning solutions. This uses audio fingerprinting to automate near-live synchronization of live broadcast captions with the ability to revise the text.

“With caption synchronization, the same captions from the broadcast are automatically used for online clips,” explains Hiren Hindocha, President and CEO. “Our service provides the synchronization and format conversion necessary to meet all requirements. It can also be used by production houses or streaming video providers to synch captions after editing content for air in multiple countries. With synchronization, they don’t need to re-do the entirety of their subtitles and captions. Broadcasters looking to rebroadcast clips or montages can use our caption lookup service to retrieve captions from the original broadcast.”

On the product side, the latest version of MonitorIQ media management platform delivers a range of multi-channel signal monitoring, repurposing, logging, compliance and archiving functions; Version 5.0 features cloud-based recording and OTT stream monitoring functions with a user-friendly interface. It also includes HTML5 and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) support, and incorporates the ability to record from Matrox's Monarch HDX streaming appliance.

CAR/TS, another product, records and monitors the transport stream and provides alerts on non-compliance, allowing users to cut segments and export sections of the transport stream for more detailed analysis. The solution also offers time-shifted playout for multiple time zone broadcasts and a disaster recovery solution for keeping a broadcaster’s signal on-air with recorded content.

Digital Nirvana offers stand-alone media management solutions, including its cloud-based OTT monitoring solution, AnyStreamIQ. The solution records and monitors streamed media to prove web captioning compliance and ‘proof of airing’ for advertisers. The showcase will also include a stand-alone content repurposing solution, MediaPro, which enables users to easily record content to cut, clip and share over social media and the cloud.

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