Audio-Technica Introduces Premium AT5047 Studio Microphone

Audio-Technica has debuted the AT5047, a premier studio microphone boasting an exceptionally wide dynamic range – the greatest among all Audio-Technica microphones.

Audio-Technica said the new microphone is equipped with a transformer-coupled output that maintains a constant load output impedance, even when capturing sources at extreme SPL. This results in a stable relationship between the mic and a mic preamp or console input.

Audio-Technica AT5047 microphone

Audio-Technica AT5047 microphone

In keeping with the 50 Series’ commitment to purity of sound, the AT5047 includes the four-part rectangular element originally developed for Audio-Technica’s AT5040. Four matched ultra-thin diaphragms function together (with outputs proprietarily summed) as the company’s largest-ever element, providing a combined surface area twice that of a standard one-inch circular diaphragm.

By using four diaphragms in a single capsule, the AT5047 delivers the benefits of an exceptionally large diaphragm — along with an extremely low noise floor of 6 db — without increased weight, decreased transient response or other drawbacks that typically restrict diaphragm size.

The AT5047 also incorporates the AT5040’s advanced internal shock mounting design, which effectively decouples the capsule from the microphone body, and comes with the innovative AT8480 shock mount, first introduced with the AT5040.

Each AT5047 microphone is hand assembled and individually inspected. The microphone is enclosed in a housing of aluminum and brass with a silver finish. Discrete components have been selected for optimized performance.

The price of the AT5047 is $3,499.00.

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