South Africa’s eNCA Extends News Coverage with LiveU Bonded Cellular Package

eNCA, South Africa’s largest news organisation with over 16 million viewers, has extended breaking news coverage around the country by purchasing LiveU’s LU600 package.

This coincides with 4G/LTE roll out across South Africa, allowing eNCA to obtain sufficient bandwidth for contributing HD quality from the field with the help of cellular bonding. eNCA, which became the country’s first 24-hour news broadcaster in 2008, was also drawn to LiveU’s technology by its robustness and ability to support the HEVC codec to increase bit rate over a given link further.

“LiveU’s robustness has already proved itself in the field covering recent events,” said Sean Thomas, Broadcast Delivery Manager, at eNCA. “Our live TV contributions are already up by 350% and we hope to grow this infrastructure further, increasing our online coverage as well. We plan to combine the new HEVC H.265 Pro Card encoder with the LU600s, enabling us to push through more live coverage in half the bandwidth.”

Based in New Jersey, USA, LiveU presented its live IP video uplink services and streaming solutions at Mediatech Africa, Johannesburg 19-21 July, on its partner Concilium’s stand, E17.

LiveU’s cellular bonding products incorporate predictive algorithms optimized to modify the transmission to take account of varying signal conditions and also a store and forward option for improved quality when some delay can be tolerated, for example when a two-way interview is not being conducted. It comes in various form factors, including backpacks, belt-clips, and camera mount units. 

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