TBC’s ControlTrac Desks Ideal for Video Control Rooms

Ideally suited for video control rooms, TBC Consoles offers several versions of its ControlTrac series of modular technical desks, which will be on display at the IBC 2017 Show. ControlTrac LT is a fixed-height version of the ControlTrac while the ControlTrac E Series is a more robust height-adjustable console that can lift over 850 pounds (390kg) of weight with a 26-inch (660mm) range of height adjustability.

The TBC Consoles ControlTrac console is designed with 19- or 25-inch width modules and has a base framework designed to accommodate multiple tower CPUs and/or rack equipment. Like other TBC technical furniture, it is available in linear or angled configurations. There is also a rear track specially designed to mount a variety of monitors and/or accessories.

Additional displays can be added vertically with the addition of a monitor frame and storage cabinets can be substituted in the base of the console. There are also a number of standard aluminum turret enclosures that can be substituted for dropwells to sink monitors below the countertop. Countertops and side panels are customizable to each user's preference. ControlTrac LT incorporates steel stantions in the base structure that can be customized to fit the user’s room dimensions.

ControlTrac supports the enhancement of health and safety in a facility, which is achieved through the ergonomic fit and height adjustability of the consoles to allow for both seating and standing operator control. The modularity of the monitor beam enables the installation of various size monitors in the same plane, without the modification or costly upgrading of the console. The power reticulation and cable management system conforms to industrial applications, with dual redundancy and integrity of power continuity being key success factors. The use of ControlTrac consoles provides customers with a fit-for-purpose long-term ergonomic solution, irrespective of the type of Control System installed in the facility.

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