Iphrame Production Focus for Suitcase TV

Having already shown it at NAB and Broadcast Asia, Suitcase TV is introducing European audiences to the Iphrame Flyaway portable production system.

Iphrame is described as a low-cost method of providing frame accurate switching in the cloud, or can be used as an add-on service for host broadcasters that want to offer remote stream selection to clients without the need for expensive equipment and on-site staff.

Suitcase TV Technical Director David Atkins said, “Iphrame is enjoying a lot of interest from large and small broadcasters worldwide. In addition to the rapid deployment and easy set-up, the other ‘no brainer’ benefits of the Iphrame platform include the ability to switch proxy versions of sources via the cloud in real time.”

Iphrame’s software-based remote architecture combines IP, ASI, and SDI signals for real-time, ultra-low latency production. The product handles video, audio, and graphics on standard IT hardware or VMs, which eliminates the need to acquire and ship the majority of traditional hardware.

The Iphrame system includes Suitcase’s proprietary TimeLock functionality, which uses PTP reference clocks to ensure that all sources and processes are accurately timestamped on site, making it unnecessary to return sources for that function because all switching is done on site.

Suitcase TV Product Director Ed Calverley will present a paper at IBC, which will focus on remote production and compare the different methods offered today, including Suitcase’s concept for time compensated remote control, which is at the heart of its Iphrame Flyaway solution.

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