STREAMSTAR launches its WEBCAST LiTE family of products

The intuitive range of live-streaming systems gives customers professional control of video production - eliminating complication, whilst keeping down costs.

STREAMSTAR officially announces the launch of its WEBCAST LiTE family of products - revolutionizing the concept of multi-camera live-streaming and switching.

The WEBCAST LiTE series consists of highly affordable multi-camera streaming solutions that allow anyone, regardless of broadcasting experience and budgets, to easily create high quality productions from a PC. The ethos behind the LiTE series is that if a potential user can operate a smartphone or tablet, or knows how to take a photograph, then they will be able to operate STREAMSTAR’s WEBCAST devices.

The series of products is available in four different versions – WEBCAST LiTE 2, 4, 4S and the latest addition to the family, the ultra-powerful 5S. The 5S comes with unique features not seen elsewhere, including intuitive touch screen interfaces and split screen layouts.

WEBCAST LiTE 4S and 5S also offer instant replay and slow-motion and management within the system and LiTE can immediately play back any material without transcoding.

The systems accommodate a wide range of HDMI inputs, including ingest from tablets and smartphones. Even external computer screens running social media applications such as Skype or Facebook can be ingested into the workflow. WEBCAST LiTE 5S features four HD-SDI inputs, suitable for use with professional broadcast cameras.

Rado Toth, CEO of STREAMSTAR commented: “The WEBCAST LiTE series is the easiest and most affordable way to develop any streaming system. There’s no other family of products out there which allow such creativity and that puts the control into the hands of the operator, by enabling the flawless presentation of high quality live streaming via a professional, yet cost effective system.”

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