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Photon Beard to Feature Highlight LED Line at IBC

At IBC, Photon Beard will showcase its Highlight LED range, while its sister company, Projects Department Ltd. (PDL), will discuss its specialist consultancy service for television lighting.

Photon Beard’s Highlight LEDs use remote phosphor technology to offer excellent color rendering and TLCI (television lighting consistency indexes). The fixtures are silent due to being passively cooled.

Highlight LEDs come in 90, 180, 270 and 360-watt variants which equate to two, four, six and eight tube fluorescents. However, the fixtures emit more light than typical lights with no color shift over time.

The lights do not produce the unpleasant skin tones that tend to make directors of photography reluctant to use them for lighting presenters.

Sister company PDL recently completed the extensive design, supply and installation for the YouTube production space in London as well as many other global lighting projects. PDL will share the IBC stand with Photon Beard to discuss contemporary lighting for any application.

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