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Benro Introduces the Aero 7, a Compact Travel Video Tripod

Benro has announced the Aero 7, a 7.8 pound compact and portable video tripod capable of supporting up to 15 pounds of weight.

In addition to its ability to reverse fold to a smaller, more compact size, Benro said the Aero 7 has a removable flat base S7 video head and a new 2-in-1 center column. The center column also converts to a short column for low angle shots.

The company said this provides more versatility for videographers who are looking to get more out of their tripods when either on location or when they are unable to bring other gear with them. One of the Aero 7’s legs can be unthreaded and joined with the tripod’s center column to become a fully functioning video monopod.

The S7 Video Head can be removed and used on other flat surfaces such as certain sliders, jibs and half ball adapters. The head has four stages of counterbalance (0-3) which helps to properly balance the camera rig.

The Aero 7 is priced at $399 for the aluminum version and $599 for the carbon fiber version.

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