Broadcast Solutions’ Robycam Now Supports 4K Cameras

Broadcast Solutions’ Robycam cable-guided camera system is now available with compact 4K cameras. The system is designed to work with robotically controlled cameras, like the Grass Valley LDX C86N camera and Canon CJ12x4.3 lens. Broadcast Products, a division of Broadcast Solutions, is offering the Robycam system for sale and rental.

Robycam, developed by Germany-based Broadcast Solutions GmbH, is a 3D camera system consisting of two elements. Gyro-stabilized camera dollies and cable camera systems, cranes, sleighs or rails. Together with a remote control unit, the system produces spectacular images. The largest Robycam 3D system is ideally suited for large indoor or outdoor events. It uses four real-time controlled automatic winches and a sophisticated motion control system that allows fast camera movements up to 8 m/s and with millimeter-accuracy in all axes. With its transmission power, action radiuses of up to 250m x 250m and more are possible.

Together with an OCP the Robycam control nit has full access to all camera and lens functions. 

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