National Assembly of Mauritius Deploys Dalet MAM

The National Assembly of Mauritius has deployed an end-to-end Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) platform at the heart of its media operations to handle the recording and live broadcast of parliamentary sessions. The implementation was completed as a joint venture between Dalet, local reseller HMT (Harel Mallac Technologies), and South Africa broadcast systems integration specialist Zimele Broadcast.

The National Assembly of Mauritius, which governs an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa, began broadcasting parliamentary proceedings live in December, using the Dalet Digital Media Systems Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) platform to acquire, centralize, manage, produce and distribute official content to the public.

Saseeta Ramsahye-Rakha, parliamentary ICT manager of the Mauritius National Assembly, said that the installation of the Dalet MAM system and the ability to broadcast from parliament live for the first time helps the National Assembly meet one of its core mission statement objectives.

“The main objective is to bring Parliament to people and help the public understand the role and operation of the National Assembly through information sharing,” he said. “Equally important, with Dalet now at the center of the media operation, members are able to keep their constituents well-informed on vital subjects and decisions by easily and quickly publishing media online.”

The Dalet Galaxy MAM software helps staff to acquire, centralize, manage, produce and distribute official content to the public.

The Dalet Galaxy MAM software helps staff to acquire, centralize, manage, produce and distribute official content to the public.

The Galaxy workflow includes National Assembly staff entering the parliamentary order of business into Dalet planning tools, which, via the Dalet API, populate the Event Guide and Session Agenda on the Mauritius government website. All cameras in the National Assembly’s main Chamber are recorded automatically onto high-density Dalet Brio video servers and with overlaid Dalet Cube graphics to identify each speaker, a live output is produced and simultaneously broadcast via Mauritius TV and streamed live via Unified Streaming servers on the online video platform.

The Galaxy MAM transfers the video automatically from Dalet Brio to NetApp online storage and later to XenData systems for archiving. Operators log content using Dalet Events Logger, which appears instantly on the website as a time-stamped index against the live stream. Dalet WebSpace users can later use the logs to search tags, select shots and create EDLs using Dalet OneCut for content production. Additionally, when there are no live sessions, Dalet OnAir can automate playout via Dalet Brio, incorporating graphics generated by Dalet Cube. The system has capacity to also record and stream the two National Assembly committee rooms when required.

The Dalet Galaxy’s open API provides key integration with the National Assembly of Mauritius’ Vualto online platform. This seamless connection allows members and the public to access recorded sessions and publish tweets and Facebook posts, as well as connect to other social media platforms with direct links to the video index.

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