Bittree Launches ProStudio Patchbay Series

Bittree has announced an affordable ProStudio series of audio patchbays designed to fit on portable 500 series audio racks or under computer monitors.

Bittree said the first offering is the front-programmable ProStudio 4825F, the first patchbay designed specifically for pairing with transportable 500 Series modular chassis such as the API Lunchbox, Rupert Neve Designs R6, Vintage King Rack 500, BAE Six Channel 500 and Radial Six-Pack.

Designed to fit perfectly on portable 500 Series racks or under computer monitors in fixed or temporary installations, the desktop PS4825F ($624.00) enables users to define and alter their audio signal flow between equipment or around the studio.

The PS4825F offers 48 TT (bantam) connectors in a 2x24 configuration, with DB25 rear connectors for interfacing with Avid ProTools and Tascam gear.

Eschewing the plastic construction typical of many low-cost patchbays, the PS4825F features a metal front panel. The same robust design also eliminates the noise associated with lower-end alternatives.

This attention to quality extends to the PS4825F’s connectors and components. Solid-gold switching contacts are welded and electrically bonded to the leaf springs, providing superior durability and higher electrical current ratings than competing solutions’ pressed-on foil approach.

Professional-grade low profile shunts, protected from dust and other elements including EMI and RFI by the PS4825F’s removable front stainless steel designation strips, enable reconfiguration of circuit normalizing, grounding and bussing.

The designation strips themselves provide ample space for three lines of print, enabling easy labeling and quick identification.

Bittree’s 4825F compact dimensions (12.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches) and weight (5 pounds) combine with high-quality components to provide the perfect companion for any desktop application. Rack mountable brackets are sold separately.

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