Zaxcom Fishes Out New RX-12R Receiver for Wireless and Recording

Radio system and location recorder developer Zaxcom recently added a new rack-mount receiver to its wireless digital recording range. The RX-12R was seen during last month’s NAB Show and is aimed at both studio and network uses.

The one-and-a-half rack unit is in the same category as Zaxcom's established RX-12 unit but has been designed from scratch. The RX-12R is a wide-band receiver with a tuning range from 512 to 698MHz. It also includes a 35MHz tracking front-end filter that removes interference from unnecessary RF signals.

The RX-12R is able to produce both RF amplification and antenna/power distribution for a total of six Zaxcom QRX212 dual receiver units. These slot inside the RX-12R, with individual modules delivering six channels of true diversity audio in single channel mode and 12-channels when operating as a dual channel device. Each QRX212 can be hot-swapped and installed or taken out at any point during operation.

An integral frequency scanner and Auto-Pick software are incorporated within the receiver unit to make finding and managing frequencies easier and quicker. The RX-12R is also equipped with six XLR analogue outputs and two DB25 connections, which are able to distribute 12 analogue or 12 digital feeds respectively. By using an antenna input and RF loop it is possible to create a daisy-chained set-up with three RX-12Rs working with one group of antennas.

The RX-12R can be used with any Zaxcom transmitter and modulation mode, as well as the company's Deva 24 and Nomad location recorders over the ZaxNet networking system. "The combination of the rack-mount, wide-band tuning, tracking filter and true diversity reception helps fill the demand for many high-end workflows," commented Glenn Sanders, president of Zaxcom.

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