Encompass Enhances Playout and OTT Services With Cobalt Frame Syncs

Cobalt Digital has announced its partnership with Encompass Digital Media. Encompass is a global gateway for moving media throughout EMEA, Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and the U.S.

Cobalt Digital's HPF-9000 frame and frame sync cards with +SCTE104-FAST software will enable Encompass to implement the entire SCTE 104 specification without requiring customers to modify their upstream traffic and scheduling workflows. This will enable a host of downstream features such as automated ad replacement and automated VOD file creation.

The Cobalt Digital +SCTE104-FAST software incorporated into ChannelMark provides the unique ability to tie real-time events from broadcast automation to specific frames of video in the baseband SDI. In the preparation of linear content for VOD platforms, this capability eliminates the need to capture and manually edit out extra head and tail content surrounding programming, a process that delays delivery of content into the VOD chain for viewing.

It also expedites the process of viewership credit by automatically encoding a program with original advertising in place as aired. Taking advantage of +SCTE104-FAST, the Encompass ChannelMark service can automatically mark the beginning and end of every segment in real time, and downstream systems can extract the perfectly marked segments for dissemination to CDN, VOD, and OTT platforms.

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