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Core SWX Introduced Fast Micro Battery Chargers at 2017 NAB Show

Core SWX has introduced a range of Fleet Micro Chargers that are said to offer the fastest battery charging times in the industry.

Core SWX said the new Fleet series can charge four 98 watt hour battery packs in less than 2.5 hours. Each includes a V-mount and three-stud charging solutions, with two and four position options for each.

All Fleet Micro Chargers are compatible with all Core SWX, RED and Anton/Bauer battery packs, providing peace-of-mind to multiple crews on location with legacy packs or rental batteries.

Every Fleet Micro Charger incorporates a backlit LCD to display all pertinent battery data.

Users will be able to charge power solutions using one of four modes: fast charge mode (20 percent faster); SafeFly mode (discharges/charges all battery packs connected to 30 percent, making them within IATA regulations for safe air transport; test mode (determines battery health and recharge performance) and hypercine mode (parallels all packs and provides power to either an unregulated 12v-16.8 volt four-pin XLR or regulated 28 volt three-pin XLR DC output to power large-draw setups).

In addition to these modes, each Fleet Micro Charger features a mini-USB port for free firmware upgrades and can transfer battery data to a PC.

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