Square Box Announce CatDV Social

Square Box Systems has introduced CatDV Social, a set of communication and collaboration tools for the company’s CatDV media asset management system. It is an integrated messaging application for real-time chat and group discussions.

CatDV Social appears as a panel within the CatDV user interfaces that enables users to send messages to other users and to publish "channels" for sharing information about projects and collections of CatDV assets.

CatDV Social also includes an exclusive, policy-based "push notification" system that notifies users instantly of incoming messages.

Messages within CatDV Social may include attachments, allowing users to send one or more clips to support ad-hoc workflows.

Dave Clack, CEO, Square Box Systems, said "No other MAM provider offers this degree of team collaboration and communication, making the sharing of assets as easy as walking down the hall to have a chat with a co-worker."

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