Luxli Demonstrates its Viola Multi-Color Light at 2017 NAB Show

Luxli showed at NAB its Viola five-inch Multi-Color On-Camera LED Light, a fixture that can be controlled by iOS devices.

Luxli said the light is controllable by the free Luxli Conductor app for iOS devices. It features a dimmable output that can be adjusted from either 3000 to 10,000K or zero to 360-degrees RGB.

The light incorporates two endlessly rotating knobs. One knob controls the flicker-free dimming adjustment from 100 to zero percent brightness, while the other knob controls the color output of the unit.

Bluetooth is always active on the fixture, and the app allows users to individually control or link together up to six lights. With the app, videographers can adjust the output of the light to match a specific point of the video. Users can also preview the color and brightness for a video on a mobile device.

The fixture powers from seven to 15 volts DC via a 2.1mm power port on the side or by an included NP-F550-type battery. Mounting is via the built-in ¼-inch-20 threaded mounting hole.

The Viola can be used as a standalone light. An integrated info screen enables confirmation of color temperature, color output, battery and Bluetooth strength.

Price for the light is $349.50.

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