Harmonic Playout Goes Cloud; Showcases Live VR Encodes

Harmonic is porting it playout server Spectrum to the cloud and highlighting the encode of a live VR rugby production.

Harmonic is bringing the playout capabilities of its Spectrum media servers to Harmonic VOS Cloud.  The new functionality includes support for graphics, branding, and digital video effects for both file-based and live workflows

"Today's video content and service providers are turning to the cloud for video preparation and delivery because of the increased workflow efficiency and flexibility that it provides, along with other benefits such as scalability and agility," said Bart Spriester, svp, video products at Harmonic. "Bringing the playout capabilities found in our Spectrum media servers to the VOS Cloud opens up additional cost savings for operators, speeding up their operations and enabling additional types of monetization, such as brand reinforcement, pop-up channels, rapid platform deployment and expansion, graphic avails and more.”

The VOS Cloud solution enables content and service providers to manage the video production and delivery workflow for broadcast and OTT on a public or private cloud infrastructure.

These playout capabilities are also available for the VOS 360 SaaS, which is hosted in the public cloud and maintained and monitored by Harmonic.

Related news from Harmonic is that its Electra VS compression platform was used by PCCW Global, an operating division of Hong Kong telco HKT, to deliver live VR during the recent Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament.

Ideal Systems, a systems integrator, assisted with the provision of a 360-degree VR multicamera live sports production that included Nokia OZO cameras. The Electra VS enabled PCCW Global to distribute UHD VR content in formats including DASH UHD ABR, AVC and HEVC.

Tony Berthaud, vp of sales, APAC, at Harmonic, said, "Working with PCCW Global and our VR technology partners, we were able to transport sports fans to this premiere event, which attracts some of the world's greatest rugby players, unveiling each and every angle of the matches in exceptional UHD quality."

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