Dejero Preview Vehicle Mount Kit/ Counter Fake News With ExpertFile

Dejero is previewing its new EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit, demoing the latest enhancements to its Gateway mobile connectivity solution and allying with ExpertFile to counter fake news.

Gateway blends multiple Internet connections to create a virtual network for real-time data transfer. It is designed for installation in newsgathering and field production vehicles or remote bureaus and includes the Gateway router with network blending software, cellular connectivity services, access to the blended network, cloud-based management from LIVE+ Control, and technical support.

“Our goal is to enable reporters and news crews to do everything in the field that they can do back at the newsroom,” commented Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero. “For that they need reliable, secure, broadband connectivity when working remotely, and while in transit. The Dejero Gateway solution makes that a reality.”

“We have had feedback from customers that a single MiFi connection is simply not fast or reliable enough. Our mobile connectivity offering will virtually extend operations and workflows into the field, reduce operational costs, and get their news on air faster,” continued Frusina. “With our Gateway solution, in-vehicle equipment can be operated remotely, and crews can eliminate multiple runs back to the station, freeing up valuable time to pursue and produce additional news stories. The efficiencies realized across an organization are quite compelling.”

The EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit allows the LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitter to be mounted inside newsgathering or production vehicles and connected to roof-mounted high-gain antennas to enhance its RF performance while driving, or in locations where cellular connectivity may be challenging.

“We’ve added even more versatility to the modular EnGo transmitter, something that will appeal to news and production crews that transmit from a vehicle and while on the go,” said Frusina. “EnGo can now be used like a rack-mounted encoder/transmitter in a cellular, satellite or hybrid vehicle, and then can quickly be disconnected and placed in a backpack, a sling bag, or mounted directly on a camera to give crews maximum mobility when on the scene of breaking news and live events.”

Also on show is a new three-modem version of the EnGo, aimed at supplementing high performance transmitters in locations with consistently reliable, high-bandwidth cellular connectivity.

The company also partners with ExpertFile, a search engine and content platform, to counter so-called fake news. ExpertFile is described as a “unique international resource for identifying subject matter experts and emerging story ideas on some of today’s most pressing topics”.

Its directory of contacts, covering over 25,000, topics is now accessible inside Dejero’s LIVE+ Control management system from a web browser within the newsroom or in the field.

“We're seeing an exponential increase in the amount of video created and used by local and national news outlets around the world. In this era of fake news, there has never been a more critical need in broadcast news for credible sources,” said Peter Evans, founder / CEO of ExpertFile. “ExpertFile and Dejero’s partnership provides an important content distribution channel making it easier for journalists to pursue compelling, timely news stories by connecting them to those credible, broadcast-ready experts.”

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