Dimetis Launches Next Gen OSS Orchestration Platform to Manage Hybrid Networks

Dimetis has announced that it has launched the OpsNGN orchestration platform to help communication service providers make the business transformation to virtualization.

Dimetis' OpsNGN is a carrier-grade, next generation fluid operational support system (OSS) orchestration platform for hybrid networks supporting legacy systems, software defined networks (SDN), and network functions virtualization (NFV) domains. Using a true Dynamic Inventory model, OpsNGN provides CSPs with service and network agility, lifecycle service automation, service assurance, and the power to scale up and out in a multi-vendor environment. OpsNGN fully integrates with existing OSS/BSS systems thus protecting current investments. Assisted by a three-layer orchestration abstraction, namely application, service and network, it can interface with and enhance other orchestrators.

The OpsNGN OSS orchestration platform has incorporated the ETSI MANO model into the OSS to support NFV Orchestration, VNF Managers, EMS/NMS and integration to exposed VNFs. Network Interface support includes NETCONF/YANG, SNMP, Telnet, CORBA, TOSCA & supports CLI communication with the network. Being an agnostic hardware-independent company enables Dimetis to support multi-vendor environments. OpsNGN has already been evaluated in several proof of concepts with global Tier-1 service providers.

“Inventory integrity is at the very core of a successful migration to virtualized networks. As communication service providers manage their physical and logical networks, the complexity of virtualization can be very high. Having a real-time accurate inventory can drastically reduce this complexity while streamlining service activation and enhancing the customer experience.”
Stephan Käfer, Management Executive at T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom)

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