FOR-A Brings Uetax Waterproof Mic to Wider Audience

The 2017 NAB Show will see an unfamiliar name join the ranks of microphone manufacturers at the Las Vegas exhibition. Japanese specialist developer Uetax’s waterproof microphones on display through FOR-A are aimed at reporting and claimed to be able to withstand heavy rain and other adverse weather.

The Uetax mic on show on the FOR-A booth (C5117 Central Hall) is the UM230. This comes in two versions: the UM230C with a conventional XLR connector and UM230CT, featuring a specialised three-pin waterproof connection. The UM230 is an electret mic (a permanently polarised electrostatic type) with an omni-directional response pattern.

The C version has a sound pressure level of 110dB, a frequency response from 80Hz to 15kHz, weighs 112g and runs on phantom power (20V-48V). The UM230 is designed for television reporting and is waterproofed against a range of weather conditions, from showers and hurricanes.

Uetax was founded in 1982 and specialises in underwater equipment. Its first products were an underwater loudspeaker and a scuba diving communications system. The company's range expanded to include vibration and underground loudspeakers and a waterproof microphone. The current range also includes a hydrophone for recording underwater.

Because Uetax does not have a sales network outside Japan it has reached an agreement with FOR-A, which will exclusively promote, sell and support its microphones internationally. A waterproof clip-lavalier mic will be added to FOR-A's Uetax offering in the near future.

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