Archion Debut Two Editstor Storage SSDs

Archion has announced two SSD EditStor products: Omni Flash and Velo Flash.

The new Archion products, Omni Flash and Velo Flash are SSD based with bandwidth speeds of 11,000 and 15,000 Megabytes per second respectively in single engines. IOPS has increased to 1.2 million.

“We continue our mission to bring our clients the highest and most reliable performance at a fraction of the cost, while reducing the insane pace of technological obsolescence,” said CEO Reuben Lima. “We continue to offer our existing Omni and Velo clients an opportunity to increase performance without requiring external appliances and unnecessary forklift upgrades. Media enterprises trust Archion’s advances in network media storage performance, reliability and overall functionality, and our announcement today should build on that confidence. Archion is, once again, setting new standards for this rapidly changing industry.”

Now, a standard EditStor expansion chassis can be added to an EditStor ‘Flash’ engine “for high density and cost effectiveness”. Any 4K, 8K and 360 video workflow demands, such as DPX playback, UHD editorial, ingesting, transcoding, rendering and more, can be handled within a single EditStor system. In addition, all media is simply managed through Archion’s new user interface, which enables volume and share creation, naming and organization.

A preconfigured All-Flash array is ready for a quick and simple deployment. Internal replication features enable a rapid transfer between volume groups for desired media management and file organization.

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