Point Source Unveil Lav Microphone with Built-in Backup at 2017 NAB Show

At the 2017 NAB Show, Point Source Audio (PSA) introduced a redundant dual element lavalier microphone in a single, self-contained housing.

Point Source said the dual element lav was designed for talent requiring microphone backup assurance in live broadcasting and production environments.

The redundant microphone will offer broadcast and production technicians a method of providing backup for on-air broadcasts of live talent. The mic can be used with the company’s thin Slider mic clips or Embrace Earmounts.

The usual method of redundant mic’ing can be achieved with two separate microphones. However, audio between them may vary due to differences between the microphone brand, the microphones’ age or variances in the specifications.

Point Source’s redundant mic solves this challenge with elements that are factory matched in frequency and sensitivity so when backup is initiated, any difference in performance is nearly undetectable.

The built-in backup design creates a single wire path into the mic’s housing. The mic cable splits approximately nine inches above the connection to the body-pack transmitters to allow room for separation of the transmitters.

The matched redundant microphone will be available as a standalone lavalier or within the Embrace category of earmountable lavaliers. Both models have an omnidirectional pick up pattern, 136dB SPL and are water/sweat proof rated to IP57.

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