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ZOOscreen is a Cloud Based Platform for Screeners and Review

​Zoo Digital is introducing ZOOscreen, an AWS cloud-based technology that allows content owners and distributors to stream and preview video securely to clients, colleagues, sales prospects, the press and judging panels. It is claimed to offer significant cost and security benefits over traditional approaches such as DVD and non-secure email links.

ZOO President Gordon Doran said, “While the general public is streaming HD movies from iTunes, Amazon or Netflix widely, content owners and distributors continue to use lower quality, less secure, costly methods such as DVD. These can be highly problematic in terms of viewing quality, cost, turnaround times and security. ZOOscreen offers a much-needed secure, reliable and user-friendly way to share and showcase valuable entertainment video content on multiple devices without requiring special-purpose hardware.”

Users can view video content streamed to large screens via Apple TV for an immersive viewing experience in HD. Alternatively content can be streamed to an iPad or iPhone.

Unique usernames and passwords, maximum view counts, two-factor authentication, visible and forensic watermarking, encryption at rest, blocking of concurrent log-ins and digital rights management (DRM) are among security features. It also includes adaptive streaming which minimizes buffering. 

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