XenData Launches Hybrid Cloud Storage

XenData has launched its Cloud File Gateway that manages a single highly scalable file system across two storage tiers: on-premises RAID and Microsoft Azure blob storage.

The XenData storage system allows existing file-based applications to use cloud storage without the need for modification. Its tiering policies keep frequently accessed files on local storage, which minimizes cloud access costs and internet bandwidth usage. Prices for the gateway start at $125 per month.

The Cloud File Gateway software runs on a Microsoft Windows Server or client computer and the file system is presented as a logical drive letter, which can be accessed locally or as one or more Windows network shares. The gateway provides the following functionality:

Scalable to Petabytes – The content stored in the cloud is unlimited scaling to multiple petabytes, and the data held on local disk can scale to 256 TB. A single gateway can store up to two billion files within the hybrid file system.

Tailored Local and Cloud Storage Policies – The XenData tiering policies determine which files are written to the cloud, local storage or both. The user can set policy rules for various file types and folders. Timed local disk retention rules may also be applied to files written to the cloud, determining how long files are held on local disk after written.

Scheduling Optimizes Internet Bandwidth – Time windows are scheduled so applications can write to local disk while postponing a copy being made to Azure, allowing bandwidth to be optimized in high demand.

Partial File Restore (PFR) Support – Ideal for creative video applications, only a portion of a large file is required with PFR to create a video clip, avoiding the need to download the entire file.

Standard File Sharing and Security – Files may be accessed locally or shared via SMB or FTP. The tiered storage volume is fully compliant with the Microsoft security model based on Microsoft Active Directory, allowing for easy introduction into an existing Windows domain or workgroup.

“Our Cloud File Gateway intelligently manages on-premise and Azure cloud storage to achieve great performance as well as ease of use,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO and co-founder. “In addition, our hybrid approach optimizes bandwidth utilization and provides almost bottomless storage.”

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