Bluebell Introduces Edgeware Encapsulator for Compact SDI Signal Transport Over IP

Bluebell has announced the launch of the Edgware SMPTE 2022-7 IP encapsulator. Edgware interfaces 3G-SDI signals directly with IP networks, enabling robust, resilient IP delivery from devices with unprecedented compactness, affordability, and simplicity.

The Bluebell Edgware consists of a compact, cost-effective pair of modules — an encapsulator and a decapsulator — that transport SD/HD/3G-SDI signals over IP networks using SMPTE 2022-6 or SMPTE 2022-7. The result is adaptive IP transport with hitless IP routing according to the latest video-over-IP standards.

Edgware is built for use in a wide range of environments, including broadcast facilities, outside broadcast trucks, sports arenas, ingest operations, news studios, post houses, A/V departments, and educational and medical institutions. The system comes with a simple PC interface through which users can easily configure network transport and monitor the link. The system plugs directly into a 10G Ethernet network, and no other ancillary equipment is required.

Unlike the alternatives, which are larger, more expensive, less sophisticated, less agile, rack-based solutions that don't offer Edgware's additional features, the product improves workflow efficiencies, increases connectivity, and aids system simplicity — all of which saves time and effort during production.

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