IBM and Pebble Beach to Showcase Live Cloud-Based Virtualized Playout at NAB

Pebble Beach and IBM combine to demonstrate live virtual channel playout using cloud technology at NAB 2017. Based on the Orca platform, visitors can see the simultaneously playout of an HD video service while multiple IP channels are being sourced from IBM’s data centre in San Jose.

Pebble Beach Systems' Orca software-based virtualised IP playout package is designed primarily for 'pop-up' services created to cover one-off or occasional events. The NAB Show demo is intended to illustrate that Orca, working with the IBM Cloud, is able to support a HD channel with a range of features, including clips, graphics, captions and live inserts.

The move towards virtual cloud playout for some circumstances is regarded by Pebble Beach Systems as a extension to its Marina enterprise transmission system. The aim is to use Marina as a unified controller for all channel functions, with Orca added to the set-up with little interruption to ongoing operations.

Commenting on the live demo, Daniel Robinson, technical product specialist with Pebble Beach Systems, said, "Real-time video makes particular demands on the cloud environment. The IBM engineering team have demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges of managing high value broadcast video and have fully engaged with Pebble to enable the demonstration at the show."

IBM's Bluemix cloud is used to host the Orca software platform and its functions. As well as playout features, Orca offers Disaster Recovery capability promoted as being cost-effective and dynamic, although only brought into action when necessary.

Among the target customers for Orca on the IBM Cloud are multiple channel operators, sports broadcasters and corporate TV facilities looking to set up IP channels quickly and efficiently at low cost.

The Pebble Beach Systems IP channel demonstrations will take place on IBM's booth, SL3305.

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