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Edelkrone Introduces Motion Control System for Videographers

Edelkrone has launched its latest motion control product, the SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit, for videographers.

Edelkrone said the slider and motion head combo offers four axes of control — slide, pan, tilt and focus. All are controllable via a smartphone app. The company said its new rig is the smartest and most portable four-axis motion control system available today.

The system allows users to lock the lens and focus onto a subject for a slide. The head and slider can manually record the motion. Looping sequences can also be created.

Edelkrone said it still working on a number of features that will be added by app and firmware updates. Eventually users will be able to convert programmed motion paths into time-lapse or stop-motion animations and the camera will be controllable during live recordings.

The SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit will cost $3,700 — $1,000 for the slider and $2,700 for the motion head.

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