Point Source Audio Showcase Modular In-Ear Headset at 2017 NAB Show

Point Source Audio has announced a slimmer, lighter condenser microphone model broadcast headset that will be unveiled at the 2017 NAB Show.

Designed for clarity and all-day wearing comfort, Point Source said the new broadcast headset, the model CM-i5, offers a combination of in-ear performance, lightweight comfort and earphone modularity.

The headsets, Point Source said, are ideal for broadcast teams from directors to camera operators who rely on the ability to hear clearly during live action program production.

“The new CM-i5 is a condenser version of our headset line that will work with various brands of intercom packs that provide phantom power,” said Yvonne Ho, Point Source’s vice president of marketing. “For anyone who must work in loud environments, or have health concerns about sharing headsets or bulky headsets that weigh too much, this solution will give them relief from all these problems.”

At just under two ounces, the weight of the CM-i5 is barely detectable after wearing it for a full day. The earphones include an upgraded design, providing up to -24dB of noise reduction and are interchangeable depending on the user’s personal preference.

The popularity of the in-ear headsets is surging among production teams working in all types of industries from sports to space — the Carolina Panthers’ Panther Vision, SpaceX and NASA are all Point Source customers.

The new CM-i5 are expected to be available for purchase beginning in June, 2017.

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