​Aspera Previews New Streaming Service At NAB 2017

Aspera is previewing a new streaming service as well as debuting new capabilities across its product range.

Aspera's new streaming platform service supports any streaming provider (live video or data from TCP as well as UDP sources) without modification, and across a variety of clients (browser, mobile and desktop) using Aspera Files and Aspera Transfer Service (ATS) SaaS platforms. This builds on the Aspera FASPStream technology introduced last year used for transporting live broadcast quality video and data feeds with guaranteed delivery rates independent of network round trip time and packet loss.

Aspera Transfer Service is presented as a hosted multi-cloud, multi-tenant software service that enables secure high-speed transfer of large files and data sets to, from, and across cloud infrastructure. Customers can access and use ATS either as a stand-alone platform solution or as a part of Aspera Files to enable the application to connect to and transfer with third party cloud platforms. Aspera has now launched ATS in IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services with early access available for Microsoft Azure and support for Google Cloud soon.

There are updates to Aspera Drive where v 3.0 brings new remote collaboration capabilities.

Aspera Shares 2.0 introduces Organizations and Projects to enable greater scale and control across diverse projects and user communities in the enterprise..

Its Orchestrator 3.0 release brings a new UI, support team collaboration during workflow design, and enhancements to the Platform APIs to help customers programmatically monitor and control workflows at a granular level.

Finally, Aspera Analytics offers visual analysis and insights into Aspera transfer logging data. A demo of this new service at NAB will show how customers can not only gain valuable insight into their Aspera transfer usage but also how to troubleshoot and problem solve.  

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