Skyline Promotes DataMiner Capabilities

Skyline Communications claims its DataMiner to be the undisputed number one choice to automate end-to-end live and file contribution workflows.

No other solution, says Skyline, provides the same level of operational flexibility, allowing operators to intuitively manage and control any device, software function or media service, from a single pane of glass.

This is backed up by DataMiner data center and virtualization solutions. “DataMiner gives media companies unprecedented and intuitive insight into the full data center stack and provides invaluable end-to-end service monitoring, control and SLA management,” it says.

The firm also has Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring tools powered by an analytics engine that relates end-user QoE to specific performance metrics of the network itself, while at the same time providing the operator with visibility and control across the entire network infrastructure. “As such, DataMiner can effectively close the loop and optimize service delivery to the target quality on the fly,” it states. 

DataMiner is also releasing v9.5 of its Service and Resource Management suite. 

“The innovative and truly unique DataMiner SRM suite is crucial for the orchestration and monitoring of end-to-end workflows of just about any aspect of the modern broadcast and media infrastructure,” said Steven Soenens, VP product marketing at Skyline Communications. “This disruptive solution is already widely recognized as market-leading by over 650 customers and tier-1 technology partners in the media landscape, and is considered to be one of the most important strategic assets for a successful broadcast operation in this industry, which is subject to some rather radical changes on many different levels.”

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