Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark Reveals 2017 NAB Show Plans

Glass-to-glass ATSC 3.0 demonstrations in the 2017 NAB Show Hitachi exhibit will feature HD and UHD products from the Hitachi Kokusai Group and key partners.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC, also known as “Comark”, has announced a live “glass-to-glass” ATSC 3.0 demo at the 2017 NAB Show.  The end-to-end scenario will be demonstrated in the company’s exhibit space. Glass-to-glass describes the scope of the demonstration that includes image capture via Hitachi HD cameras through the ATSC 3.0 Starter solution and of course, ATSC 3.0 RF transmission and reception.

Exactly Excited

The EXACT-V2 “IP Optimized” next generation DTV exciters support ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0, featuring seven Gigabit Ethernet ports.  The exciter is compatible with the STL interface (A/324) plus it offers (optional) built-in ALP encapsulation. It features “DualCast” technology, which is easily upgraded from ATSC 1.0 to 3.0 protecting investment today for use tomorrow.

The EXACT-V2 DTV exciter is the next generation modulation platform used throughout the company’s DTV transmitter product line.

The EXACT-V2 DTV exciter is the next generation modulation platform used throughout the company’s DTV transmitter product line.

EXACT-V2 delivers an ATSC compliant, on-channel RF output and performs RF precorrection of both linear and non-linear distortion with the company’s Digital Adaptive Precorrection (DAP) technology.  DAP automatically corrects both the linear and non‐linear system distortions inherent to all DTV systems.  The use of DAP provides the lowest cost of operation with very high system efficiency and RF SNR performance.

EXACT-V2 includes a simple local control and monitoring using a front panel backlit LCD display.  The exciter can also be remotely controlled via user friendly and intuitive built‐in web GUI.  An optional SNMP client is available for operators that want to incorporate a third party NMS.

Air-cooled E-compact transmitters such as this EC704HP have been upgraded and optimized for repack.

Air-cooled E-compact transmitters such as this EC704HP have been upgraded and optimized for repack.

Repack Optimized

Comark will also introduce a Repack Optimized E-Compact series of high efficiency air cooled solid state UHF DTV transmitters at the 2017 NAB Show.

E-Compact air cooled DTV transmitters have been optimized for the US repack market. They now have been upgraded with asymmetric broadband Doherty solid state amplifier technology, using the same LDMOS device as the company’s PARALLAX UHF liquid-cooled Doherty transmitter family.

The heart of the transmitter is a 950W 3RU amplifier chassis which requires less energy to deliver more power. Thanks to the latest LDMOS FET technology, the amplifier is rated at the same power level for either ATSC 1.0 (8VSB) or ATSC 3.0 (OFDM).  E-Compact is available in Transmitter Power Output (TPO) levels from 850W to more than 10kW.

ATSC 3.0 Starter

ATSC 3.0 Starter is an integrated solution available for broadcasters to easily and quickly migrate their DTV station from MPEG-2 ATSC 1.0 workflow to ATSC 3.0.  ATSC 3.0 Starter includes HEVC encoding of SD, HD, and UHD programs, the Broadcast Gateway, and a simple user interface for system configuration. ATSC 3.0 Starter works seamlessly with the EXACT-V2 exciter that is used throughout the company’s DTV transmitter product line.

Comark will also demonstrate its QoS-1000 RF testing and monitoring solution with the latest ATSC 3.0 software. The QoS-1000 will be used at the RF output of the demo system to display the ATSC 3.0 signal performance including constellation and signal metrics. The QoS-1000 is an extremely cost effective solution for Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring of any transmitter RF output.

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