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Articles You May Have Missed – April 12, 2017

One of the hot technologies to be showcased at the 2017 NAB Show is cloud. But as experts will admit, there is no one perfect “cloud solution”. Before you trek through miles of exhibits looking for cloud products, read these two articles on media storage. Armed with the latest cloud and media storage information, you will be better prepared to ask exhibitors the right questions about how to safely, cost-effectively and reliably store your media.

There are many routes to the cloud.

There are many routes to the cloud.

The terms ‘cloud-native’ and ‘cloud-enabled’ are, all too often, banded around as one and the same. They are used interchangeably to describe an application that is accessible from a virtual setting and is not dependent on a specific type of underlying hardware. But that’s where the resemblance stops.

The distinctions between cloud-native and cloud-enable can be blurred thereby misleading media managers looking to fully exploit the flexibility and agility of next-generation computing environments. Not understanding key differences between cloud-native and cloud-enabled can even impact the competitiveness of broadcasters, content distributors and media companies looking to move into an IP-enabled media facility. The article, “Separating the Cloud-Native from the Cloud-Enabled,” will explain important factors in these methodologies.

LTO-6 tape cartridge. With a record-low cost, LTO tape translates to just roughly .8 cents per gigabyte.

LTO-6 tape cartridge. With a record-low cost, LTO tape translates to just roughly .8 cents per gigabyte.

According to Coughlin Associates, the entertainment industry will require more than 500 percent more digital storage capacity in 2018 than it did just five years ago. This explosion of storage demand means those responsible for preserving content must re-evaluate the safety, cost and manageability of their current systems.

Some argue that cloud-based storage services are the ultimate solution. However, this isn’t necessarily true – cloud solutions are in fact notorious for being cost and capacity-prohibitive in many cases, but also vulnerable to hacks and the potential loss of expensive content.

LTO technology offers media and entertainment applications an easy, reliable and cost-effective way to meet these storage capacity demands while increasing operations, efficiencies and security. What should you look for when it comes to archive storage and what does it cost? Learn more in the article, “Cloud is Not the Archive Panacea.”

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