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Ghana Broadcaster Buys Blackmagic Kit

Ghana’s largest private television broadcaster GH One has completed an upgrade of its studio and outside broadcast facilities to support UHD 4K production using a range of Blackmagic Design 12G-SDI kit.

The multi studio complex, as well as a 14m long OB truck, were designed by system integrator Axel Technology, as part of an overhaul of the broadcaster’s production infrastructure. “A move to a new building facilitated the need for a new system, but it also gave the team the opportunity to design a flexible and futureproof workflow for the channel’s studio and OB locations,” says Marco Branzanti, video projects manager at Axel.

“We knew from the outset that 12G-SDI would be the cornerstone of this installation, as it not only affords a more streamlined cabling infrastructure, but also delivers a more efficient and reliable signal delivery path for broadcasters working with the 2160p60 format.”

The new studio has one main set, and a virtual studio with greenscreen and both are equipped with a Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, and the corresponding 2 M/E broadcast panel. Each has access to CG and playout applications, developed by Axel Technology.

To switch between GH One’s two channels’ signals, a Smart Videohub Clean Switch 12x12 was installed to act as a mixer switch.

GH One’s truck includes an expandable production gallery and a stand alone television studio workflow. “That means the vehicle can be used comfortably for longer periods, allowing multiple productions to take place without the space becoming too cramped,” explains Branzanti. “For example, the truck can have a fully fledged television studio up and running for several days, rather than on a short-term, event orientated basis.”

Signal routing onboard is managed via Smart Videohub 40x40. Housed in the OB’s technical control room, it sits alongside a rack of HyperDeck Studio Pro decks, used for both recording and backup purposes, and Teranex Express standards converters.

“We’ve been able to implement an Ultra HD workflow based around 12G-SDI that hasn’t previously been seen before in Ghana and gives GH One a state of the art solution, both when working in the studio and out in the field,” he added.

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