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Rushworks’ T-Bar Control Surface for Integrated PTZ Production

Software developer Rushworks is introducing its VDX T-Bar Control Surface to answer customer requests for a control panel that incorporates a T-bar for manual transitions with numerous short-cut keys for multiple effects.

The VDX integrates with VDESK and REMO, the company’s multi-camera production systems that integrate preset control of PTZ cameras, and its PTX Universal PanTilt heads.

Rush Beesley, Rushworks president, said, “Our customers have been asking for this for quite a while. The T-bar, in concert with multiple transition and effect controls, and access to more than 100 PTZ/PTX presets using the keypad, make this a real productivity enhancement in the live TV production environment by integrating robust robotic camera and dolly control at your fingertips.”

The release coincides with Rushworks’ distribution agreements for representation in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Beesley continued, “We’re finding that VDESK and REMO are a perfect and reasonably priced fit around the globe as production and streaming tools grow in popularity. The VDX’s point of difference, however, is its ability to allow the operator to quickly select complex video effects with keyboard shortcuts, all which have graphical depictions for ease-of-use.”

In addition to live television production, VDESK, and its portable counterpart REMO, are popular solutions for meetings and presentations, houses of worship, news and sports production, and entertainment venues such as theatrical and musical performances. Both versions support up to 12 inputs, and feature switching, program and ISO-recording, a File Browser, creation of multiple playlists, a down-stream keyer (DSK), Chroma-keyer, and dozens of transitions and effects like PiP and double-box shots.

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